About us


20 years of practical and theoretical experience in the bottling industry has enabled us to face up to the highest demands in terms of the latest techniques of labeling. Practical knowledge gained in various stages of development of the bottling industry at home and abroad helped to achieve technical level of customers’ satisfaction with the latest machinery equipment in the segment of the labeling . We have one of the most modern and constantly upgraded machinery. We employ the best builders, designers and experienced workers. We are able to accomplish as well small and simple as the most complex and demanding projects.


Our technical history are:

  • wine industry – implement banding duty by their own design,
  • spirits industry – implementation of unusual and technically difficult gears on the label and shaped bottles,
  • brewing industry – implementation of the gears on the new label, new bottle according to the requirements and market trends,
  • imineral water and drinks industry – the implementation of a national model for rotary labelers HOT MELT, as well as full instrumentation to new labels, bottles for all machines with filling lines,
  • household chemical industry, “wet” department – instrumentation for complete bottling lines for both volume and weight, pressure, and other bottling and implementation of a very unusual shapes of packaging,
  • fruit and vegetable processing industry – implementation of gears for labeling a very unusual shapes of cones and new relationships adhesive labels and self-adhesive cold.


Our current profile – except of the mentioned above areas we are active – is the production of tooling for labeling “of the role.” We do all types of vacuum drums, cutting drums and other removable items of equipment for the labeling of the role.
Our motto is best quality, modern technology, short term of the execution for a reasonable price.